Our objective is to outperform the general market on average – not every single year –, net of expenses and fees, for years to come. Our principles are designed to maximize the probability of meeting our objective. Simultaneously, they are tailored to our personalities.

Intellectual Honesty

We seek the truth – independent of origin – to be able to make the best decisions at any given time.


The emotional return of our partners is equally important to their financial return – both are to be maximized.


The strategy necessary to meet our objective will change over time. Without change there can be no progress. Without progress, evolution stops. Without evolution our institution won´t survive.


We care deeply about the people in our network. We are where we are today, because people believe in us. We will do everything in our power, to not let them down.

Enjoy Life

We deeply enjoy the way we work at KCP. To preserve this is essential, being a necessary condition for success.