Konstantin F. Khadjavi

Konstantin is responsible for KCP’s investment portfolio, serves as chairman of the Rohde-Foundation and as advisory board member at Enabling Future. Prior to founding KCP, he worked in the areas of asset management in Frankfurt, private equity in New York City, and investment banking in London. Konstantin holds an executive certificate in value investing from Columbia Business School taught by Prof. Bruce Greenwald, a Master of Arts degree in international business from Munich Business School and a Bachelor of Science degree in economics & business (major in finance) from University of Groningen.

Stefan Boissier-Mohr

Stefan is responsible for KCP´s investment portfolio. He has invested in the stock market successfully for two decades, studying and practicing value investing strategies intensively. He is the founder of the investment blog Prior to joining KCP, Stefan worked at a company in the field of computer-aided engineering and system simulation and as an entrepreneur in the online sector. Stefan holds a Master of Science degree in electrical & mechanical engineering (mechatronics) from Technical University of Dresden.

Anne Poetschke (Management Assistant)

Anne supports KCP´s management board. Her responsibilities include communications and administrative tasks.